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16 Sat 2011



On Saturday, at noon, the 2011 BAFICI winners were announced in the different sections of the festival. The French film Qu'ils reposent en révolte (des figures des guerres) by Sylvian George, about the harsh conditions in which African immigrants live in Europe, received the major award in the International Official Selection and also the FIPRESCI prize. In this category, the jury recognized El estudiante, by Santiago Mitres with a special award. On its part, La carrera del animal by Nicolás Grosso won “Best Film” in the Argentine Official Selection. The “Best Director” award in the international competition went to Greek filmmaker Athina Rachel Tsangari, for Attenberg, while Román Cárdenas won the category in the Argentine competition for his film Las Piedras. In the Short Films Competition, the following films were awarded: El juego by Benjamín Naishtat (Argentina/ France), Soy tan feliz by Vladimir Durán (Argentina) and La fiesta de casamiento by Gastón Margolin and Martín Morgenfeld (Argentina).

Here is the complete list of the awards:


- Special Mention: Yatasto by Hermes Paralluelo (Argentina)

- Special Mention: La vida útil by Federico Veiroj (Uruguay/ Spain)

- Award: El estudiante by Santiago Mitre (Argentina)

Argentine Film Critics Association Award

- Award: Ostende by Laura Citarella.

ADF Award

- Director of Photography Award: Gustavo Biazzi, Soledad Rodríguez, Federico Cantini and Alejo Maglio for the film El estudiante by Santiago Mitre (Argentina).


- Special Mention: Norberto apenas tarde by Daniel Hendler (Uruguay/ Argentina)

- Award: Morgen by Marian Crisan (Romania/ France/ Hungary)

UNICEF Competition

- Mention: Kick in Iran by Fatima Geza Abdollahyan (Germany)

- Award: Yatasto by Hermes Paralluelo (Argentina)

Human Rights Competition

- Mention: Jean Gentil by Israel Cárdenas and Laura Amelia Guzmán (Dominican Republic/ Mexico/ Germany)

- Mention: El Casamiento by Aldo Garay (Uruguay)

- Award ex aequo: Palazzo delle Aquile by Stefano Savona, Alessia Porto and Ester Sparatore (France/ Italy) and Fix Me by Raed Andoni (Palestine/ Switzerland/ France)

Cinema of the Future

- Mention: Year Without a Summer by Tan Chui Mui (Malaysia)

- Best Film, sponsored by I.SAT: Verano de Goliat by Nicolás Pereda (Mexico/ Canada)

Argentine Official Selection

- Best Cinematography, sponsored by Kodak: Iván Fund and Eduardo Crespo for Hoy no tuve miedo by Iván Fund (Argentina)

- Best Director sponsored by Alta Definición Argentina – Metrovisión, La Burbuja Sonido and the Ministry of Culture: Román Cárdenas for Las Piedras (Argentina)

International Official Selection

- Special Mention: Mercado de Futuros by Mercedes Álvarez (Spain)

- Special Mention: Las marimbas del infierno by Julio Hernández Cordón (Guatemala / France / Mexico)

- Special Mention: Os Monstros by Guto Parente, Luiz Pretti, Pedro Diógenes and Ricardo Pretti (Brazil)

- Best Argentine Film, sponsored by Fuji: Yatasto by Hermes Paralluelo (Argentina)

- Best Actor: Jorge Jelinek for La vida útil by Federico Veiroj (Uruguay/ Spain)

- Best Actress: Jeanne Ballibar for At Ellen´s Age by Pia Marais (Germany)

- Special Jury Award: El estudiante by Santiago Mitre (Argentina)

- Best Director: Athina Rachel Tsangari for Attenberg (Greece)

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