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El puente / La fábrica del futuro / Kauwboy

april 16

Abasto Shopping

Room: HOYTS5



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Boudewijn Koole

Born in 1965 in Leiden, The Netherlands, he majored in Industrial Design at the University of Delft. He directed many documentaries, like Pierlala (1998), Waan (2002) and A River Left for Me (2009), as well as short films like Warriors of the Heart (1999).

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Diana Russo

A graduate in Image and Sound Design at the UBA, she’s a scriptwriting and audiovisual teacher. She worked as a set and costume designer, and directed the animated short TiVi (2001) and the fiction one NoViaje (2006).

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Agostina Ravazzola

She was born in Buenos Aires in 1986. She atended drawing and comic book script workshops before majoring in Image and Sound Design at the UBA. She specializes in animation design and production, and since 2008 works in motion graphics. She directed the animated shorts Sin luces (2011).

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