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Cortos - Competencia - Programa 2

april 22

Malba Cine

Room: Auditorio



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Hernán Weisz

Born in Buenos Aires in 1987, he’s currently studying Image and Sound Design at University of Buenos Aires. Together with Francisco Chiapparo, he co-directed the medium length film El duelo del salmón (2010).

n the past, two friends shared a girl.
  • Country:
  • Runtime: 22'
  • Director:
    Ignacio Ceroi →
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Ignacio Ceroi

He was born in Comodoro Rivadavia, Chubut, in 1986. His short film Manual para comprender a los realistas carnales (2010) participated in the International Film Schools Festival. He’s currently finishing his studies at Universidad del Cine.

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Ygor Gama

He was born in Recife, Brazil, in 1988, and studies Image and Sound Design at the UBA. He co-directed Albert, 11:12 am, and B. (the three in 2009) and directed Avila (2010), Andi and Astronauta cantante (both in 2011).

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María Alché

Born in Buenos Aires in 1983, she graduated from the ENERC. She starred in films like The Holy Girl (2004) and Luminaris (2011; screened in this edition of the Festival), and directed the short film ¿Quién se metió con Mayra? (2008).

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Florencia Aliberti

Born in Buenos Aires in 1986, she studied Film at Cievyc and is currently studying Philosphy at the University of Barcelona. She’s a member of Connectats, working in filmmaking and editing. Prostética I and Nus de la Trinitat (both in 2011), and Frames (2012) are some of his works.

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