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Yes, this is a section devoted to drugs. Not so much to their sensorial effects or the addiction they may trigger, but about its circulation. Out of all the related stories, the most incredible ones are usually about “exchanges” and that’s the orientation of the documentaries of American filmmaker Billy Corben, who in recent years seems to have specialized in the subject. Bafici presents four of his films: the essential Cocaine Cowboys (parts I and II), a story told in the first-person about how the white powder entered into American territory in the 80’s and 90’s, and even affected Miami’s real estate market (!); Limelight, which deals with the connection between electronic music clubs and design drugs; and the remarkable Square Grouper which revolves around marihuana. As a bonus extra, the section features another documentary on LSD, its creator Albert Hofmann, and its most famous promoter, “reverend” Timothy Leary.


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