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Wei Te-Sheng’s career is strange. In 1999 he made his first film About July, a film about a teenager and his connection to the gangster world, among other things. Years later, in another decade, century, and millennium, Wei did his second film. This second one he actually made it to get the money for his third one, which would have been the second one if he would have had the money at the time. Anyway, the story that deserves to be told is about the one that actually became the second one, Cape No. 7, which became nothing less than the most popular film in the history of Taiwan, grossing more than ten times what it had cost and influencing the country so much that several lines of the script became common expressions in everyday life. Abroad, the film circulated through some other Asian countries, some European festivals (Asian cinema events, mostly) and its only American screening took place at the Hawaii Film Festival. The most popular films in countries “outside Hollywood” have had a hard time getting to other territories for quite some years now. In Argentina, for example, we don’t even know which the most popular films in Italy are, or the names of their biggest stars.
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