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Ever since its creation, Bafici has worked as both a barometer and seismograph for cinema, analyzing the directions and movements it makes, seeing what’s taking place, and predicting what will happen. But this time, it adds a new environment, which is equipped with instruments meant to watch –or dream, or imagine that we ’re watching– nothing less than the sky. Watching more is yet another defining feature of Bafici. But it’s also defined by “watching things differently”, and so this Fulldome program –which contemplates a 360º field– is incorporated with a special selection that includes programs for kids of different ages –from Topos and their animals with philosophical names to the intriguing Jeepers Creepers– or rather young people and adults open to new experiences –The Wall or U2. They’re all connected through their taste for a kind of cinema that, for a long time now, has ceased to be an art only enjoyable in old coliseums or museums, and it has opened up in a thousand directions. Cinema is around us. This time literally.


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