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Almost five hundred short films were submitted for this edition of the festival: each and every one of them was watched, considered, and debated, as part of an intense dialogue that renews itself every year. We’re always asking ourselves how to organize an heterogeneous and lively selection of films with personal procedures and reasons, which could invite everyone to rethink the path of cinema. Restless films that would express surprise, regardless of the shape they adopt. We’re interested in the wide range of possibilities that opens up thanks to the articulation of genres or the tension between them: fiction is experimental (it has always been), a comedy can also be a documentary, and documentary is fiction (we’ve known that for a while now, but it’s still surprising, and we love to see how that happens). This selection is formed by two competitive programs and a series of exhibitions, and there are no best and worse here. Although there is a competition, it makes sense only if it can stimulate filmmakers –apart from the fact that awards always shed some light and shadow. We celebrate the fact that the different sections of Bafici have films with all kinds of durations, and that they can argue in favor of their size and timeframe and connect with other films in order to make us reflect on the new possible meanings that result from that connection. We also celebrate that people are using both digital and analogical cameras, and that it’s still safe to say that as long as there are ideas and concerns, you can even film without a camera.
Violeta Bava y Eloísa Solaas
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