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In the end, having good taste matters. Because it’s more than just something you can brag about at dinner parties. If we consider the case of British director Grant Gee, his good taste as a cultural consumer determines his criteria as an audiovisual creator. The objects of his works have always carried a great bouquet. This means Gee –as a subject of those same works– proves already that he has a well educated pallet. And if it’s not his pallet, it’s his ear. Considering that most of his filmography –his music videos, creative-videos, short films, or documentaries– is related to music, we should celebrate that Grant Gee chose with such fine taste the people he teamed up with: Radiohead, Gorillaz, Joy Division, Scott Walker, John Cale… They’re all sharp bands and artists who usually escape massive preferences and the doubts about their creative validity –although there’s always a spectator willing to discuss it, of course (“Radiohead is not that good!”).
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