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Community Action Center

Film Information

Exhibition Title Community Action Center
Original Title Community Action Center
English Title Community Action Center
Directors A.K. Burns
A.L. Steiner
Year 2010
Format Betacam
Colour Color
Duration 69'
  • Intérpretes / Cast: Darling Nikki E, Paul PMS, AJ L’AJ,
  • Frau Muller, Sequoia Parks
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Burns and Steiner pursue their own investigation, inquiring and searching through a community that mixes friendship with art and sex. Before Community Action Center, many renowned artists had already worked with themes that are central in this film, such as sexual identity, feminism, pornography and others. These voices of diversity –that range from Ana Mendieta and Paul McCarthy to James Bidgood’s pornography, or even Halsted Fred Gage– appear integrated as if they were part of a whole speech that has been restructured. Different images appear in a shameless spiral, so reading a text may be followed by, or mixed with, an orgiastic scene. This film leaves nothing aside and is not afraid to show too much. On the contrary, it launches a search for queer underground iconography that is considerably intense and also becomes a work of art that can’t avoid being political.

This film is in English and has no subtitles by decision of its director and producers. The lack of translation does not affect the understanding of the film.

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