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Voluptuous Sleep

Film Information

Exhibition Title Voluptuous Sleep
Original Title Voluptuous Sleep
English Title Voluptuous Sleep
Director Betzy Bromberg
Year 2011
Format 16 mm
Colour Color
Duration 95'
  • Guión / Scriptwriter: Betzy Bromberg
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Ever since Freud wrote The Interpretation of Dreams in 1900, the text dominated part of 20th century thinking, and thousands of attempts were made to rewrite and refute it. Betzy Bromberg’s new film takes a tour in both directions, inventing a new beginning through an impossible journey, through some sleeping electricity, blinking voluptuousness, and other unidentifiable stops with no label to identify them. Nor there is any reading tool for the unprecedented images featured with great 16mm sensibility, which had already created a local cult among the fans who saw the 9th Bafici’s retrospective of her work. Whether we’re dealing with some hypnotic micro-photography or an immersion into the darkness of “the night that illuminates the night”, the audiovisual experience presented by Bromberg’s perspective on cinema is a brand new cave where images and sounds melt together and follow a mineral logic that’s organic and wild, dazzled and gloomy, vibrant and stealthy, scientific and aesthetic, and turns movement into an unusual paradise in order to explore its own oneiric wakefulness.

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