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Miroir noir

Film Information

Exhibition Title Miroir noir
Original Title Miroir noir
English Title
Director Vincent Morisset
Year 2009
Format DM
Colour Color
Duration 76'
  • Intérpretes / Cast: Arcade Fire
  • Fotografía / Cinematography: Vincent Moon
  • Edición / Editing: Stéphane Lafleur, Nat Le Scouarnec
  • Compañía Productora / Production Company: Topspin Media
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It wouldn’t be accurate to say Miroir noir is a rock documentary. Morisset makes decisions that contradict the conventional rules of this genre, which is usually defined by common places: talking heads, archive footage, live performances. With those same tools the director shapes up a film in which the idea of a traditional rock movie becomes inevitably slippery –by the way, Miroir noir is yet another promotion tool for Arcade Fire’s second album Neon Bible, despite it doesn’t look like one. Its aesthetic resources turn the film into an unreleased, conceptual music piece in which the Canadian band’s songs appear and disappear in different moments and situations randomly and continuously as if thrown in there on a whim, sliced by half and sometimes even barely hinted, showing their seams and infinite possibilities, and played in unexpected places. As if Vincent Morriset himself would have open the tracks to make his own remix.

Javier Diz

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