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A Fleeting Passage to the Orient

Film Information

Exhibition Title A Fleeting Passage to the Orient
Original Title Ein flüchtiger Zug nach dem Orient
English Title A Fleeting Passage to the Orient
Director Ruth Beckermann
Year 1999
Format 35 mm
Colour Color
Duration 82'
  • Dirección / Director: Ruth Beckermann
  • Guión / Scriptwriter: Ruth Beckermann
  • Fotografía / Cinematography: Nurith Aviv, Sophie Cadet
  • Edición / Editing: Gertraud Luschützky
  • Producción / Producer: Josef Aichholzer
  • Compañía Productora / Production Company: Aichholzer Filmproduktion
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When Empress Sissi turned 30, she decided that she wouldn’t allow any more pictures of her, so her beauty remained eternalized at that age, and the last years of her life were spent in long trips throughout the Mediterranean, always incognito and covered by a parasol. Beckermann chose the farthest of her destinations, Egypt, to imagine that autumn of intentional ostracism. The images she finds seem timeless; her voice over weaves together notes on Sissi’s footprints, a look into a different culture, her mythical figure, and her fate. A genre film that allows itself to be both identification and analysis, and finds in Sissi and her mystery a modest but illuminating reflection on the deceptions of the image, from a superficial tourist observation to the optimist and assuring tale of classic cinema. Truth and reason yield before magic in more than one sense, and the fortune teller that unknowingly reads the last photo of the Empress represents the East in all its seduction.

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