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Programa de cortos

Film Information

Exhibition Title Programa de cortos
Original Title Short Films Program
English Title Short Films Program
Director Zellner Bros.
Year 0
Format DM
Colour Color
Duration 93'
  • Dirección / Director: Zellner Bros.
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Short Films Program (Rummy 2003 / 15’ - Quasar Hernandez 2004 / 10’ - The Virile Man 2004 / 8’ - Flotsam/Jetsam 2005 / 5’ - Foxy and the Weight of the World 2005 / 10’ - Who Is On First? 2005 / 5’ - Pardon My Downfall 2006 / 5’ - Redemptitude 2006 / 11’ - Aftermath on Meadowlark Lane 2007 / 10’ - Fiddlestixx 2009 / 10’ - Sasquatch Birth Journal 2 2011 / 4’-)

The Zellner brothers’ short films are like this. Are they? Actually they’re like that, if you look at them closely. They’re unstable. They turn from fiction to shooting-fiction (or the actual shooting, go figure). Someone is either doubtful about his or her sexuality but is not sure whether he or she should doubt, or rather someone is not willing to. Animals: the Zellner shorts feature several of them. There are dogs who watch without understanding, or maybe they understand too much. And there’s a monkey who goes from being a devil to a period object of desire (!). There is an unforgettable childbirth, goodbyes, accidents (like this or like that), revenges, rages, and many other delightful elements. Everything organized with a unique humor, of course. Actually, no, not one humor. Many. Humor like this and like that. And several other humors in the middle.

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