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Patagonia (10’)

Film Information

Exhibition Title Patagonia (10’)
Original Title Patagonia (10’)
English Title
Director Narcisa Hirsch
Year 1970
Format Betacam
Colour Color
Duration 10'
  • Dirección / Director: Narcisa Hirsch
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One of the more extensive film directions Narcisa Hirsch has explored is probably the one of portraits. For decades, the people and places observed frontally through her 16mm or Super 8 camera (and video today) acquire a quality that transcends the mere record (journalistic, contemplative) and also gain an ontological and reflexive thickness capable of changing the initial experience into a profoundly autobiographical territory. This program gathers six portraits originally filmed in Super 8 that address female nature (Mujeres, Testamento y vida interior, Aída) and family (Descendencia), as well as elements of the Earth (Patagonia) and the unconscious (Bebes), all of them constantly boosted by an aesthetic display that turned (and turns, and will keep turning) Hirsch into an essential referent in the birth of local experimental cinema.

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