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Film Info

Film Information

Exhibition Title Taller
Original Title Taller
English Title
Director Narcisa Hirsch
Year 1975
Format 16 mm
Colour Color
Duration 11'
  • Dirección / Director: Narcisa Hirsch
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“A film starts with an idea, an image that emerges, becomes independent, and sends signs. An image caught in an instant of openness and alienation from the world”. According to Narcisa Hirsch, her films are born out of that conflictive instant, that spark where inspiration is as important as the correct execution of film techniques. Taller (perhaps the first Argentine structural film ever made), Patagonia, Orly Antoine, rey de la Patagonia, Canciones napolitanas and Rumi: a super program of 16mm films (screened in their original format), that is also the most intense proof of her stand regarding the creative act. It covers almost four decades of experimentation without ever losing the topical nature of her audiovisual work, which has always defended personal experimentation as a way of staying awake and face both the present and the history of cinema.

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