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april 11
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Village Recoleta Mall

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Adolfo Aristarain

Dazzling in its obscurity at the time its opening –and also now– The Lion’s Share is Adolfo Aristarain’s debut film from 1978. That means it’s already 35 years-old. In three and a half decades Aristarain released ten feature-length films here. He made one more in the US, the locally unreleased Deadly! The Stranger, and directed the series Pepe Carvalho for the Spanish television. So, only ten (well, eleven) films in the 35 year-long career of one of the greatest directors of Argentina. And to make it even worse, since 2004 –after the huge Roma– there’s nothing. It’s almost ten years of absence now. This Bafici retrospective is the celebration of a noble filmography, featuring an extraordinary chance to see those ten films by Aristarain in a theater now, in 2013, in 35mm –and many of them in new prints. Yes, brand new. The texts that follow these pages address each film. They are all from the moment of the films’ premieres. But, as Godard used to say, when you feel like saying something, the best thing is to do so. So, there we go: when reading the reviews from the time of The Beach of Love and The Disco of Love, it’s very comforting to find praises for a director who after a very personal first film made two commissioned films with the obligation of including songs –that was the arrangement between the production company and the distributor. Before Aristarain came, that series had included The Hits of Love, and The Tent of Love. Aristarain not only managed to not fall into the dreadful automatic pilot that is so common in “Argentine commercial cinema”, but he also created memorable moments. Well, let’s leave aside the condescendence of so-called seriousness and be precise: there aren’t many crime stories as good as The Disco of Love in Argentine cinema. In fact, if you consider some of the titles of the songs in this film, you will notice the film miracles Aristarain accomplished, as he even turns into a western a clash between some good guys and bad guys, among other wonders. There’s only ten feature-length films, but they’re the kind that endures, the kind we want to see again, the kind that deserves a place in cinema.

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