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Film Info
Ramón Ayala

Film Information

Exhibition Title Ramón Ayala
Director Marcos López
Year 2013
Format HD
Colour Color
Duration 66'
  • Ramón Ayala, Claudio Torres, Víctor Kesselman, Liliana Herrero, Juan Falú
  • F: Marcos López
  • E: Andrea Kleinman
  • DA: Marcos López, Yanina Moroni, Nadia Kossowski
  • S: Lena Esquenazi
  • M: Ramón Ayala
  • P: Lena Esquenazi, Marcos López, Marcelo Céspedes
  • PE: Lena Esquenazi
  • CP: Leningrado Films
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In order to be pleasant, a film shouldn’t be distant. And viceversa. Somewhere along the line, someone stated that “rule”, and so we’ve suffered years and years of solemnity and stupidity, until Marcos López changed cameras and decided to tell the life, work, and color of the Misiones-born singer/hero Ramón Ayala, making us dive into his story –which is pleasant and distant, and therefore translatable into a single word: portentous. Ramón Ayala himself in inanimate 2D and showing his thick appearance is already serious business, so imagine what it’s like to have him in 1000D, stealthy approaching the mysteries of music and being described by a cast of friends/scholars/fans who don’t need dumb praises or academic notes. “Something moves in the bottom/ of Northern Chaco/ shadows of oxes and cars/ searching the far corners/ slow moon shroud/ over the cachapé;/ the mountain giant dead/ on his final journey”, wrote Ayala –with a Salgari-style– in “El cachapecero”. And Marcos López, finally, produced the images a soundtrack like that was waiting for. MP

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