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Film Info
Ricardo Bär

Film Information

Exhibition Title Ricardo Bär
Directors Nele Wohlatz
Gerardo Naumann
Year 2013
Format DCP
Colour Color
Duration 93'
  • Ricardo Bär, Inés Bär, Samuel Bär, Diego Littmann, Fabio Fibke
  • G: Nele Wohlatz, Gerardo Naumann
  • F: Lucas Gaynor
  • E: Felip Guerrero
  • S: José María Avilés, Francisco Pedemonte
  • P: Christoph Behl, Gerardo Naumann, Nele Wohlatz
  • PE: Christoph Behl, Pablo Robert
  • CP: Subterránea Films
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Ricardo Bär, the main character in this documentary, is a young Evangelist from Colonia Aurora, in the province of Misiones, who is on a path to become a pastor one day. Like him, most of the people there share a series of characteristics: they’re descendants of Germans, devoted of the Baptist church, and due to their closeness to the border, they all speak portunhol.

The directors make a series of trips to Aurora and closely follow Ricardo’s life in and with the community. This documenting leads the directors to face a series of important difficulties: neither the pastor, nor Ricardo, nor the community wishes to be filmed anymore. At that point is where the great accomplishment of the film is revealed: in the manifestation of these difficulties, dilemmas, dialogues, conflicts, and problems the filmmakers must deal with in order to carry on with the film; and also, especially, in the problems that arise between them and the locals.

Only after they give their explanations at the at the church, and through a public referendum they themselves witness, the film will be able to continue. VB

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