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Avanti popolo

Film Information

Exhibition Title Avanti popolo
Director Michael Wahrmann
Year 2012
Format DCP
Colour Color
Duration 72'
  • André Gatti, Carlos Reichenbach,
  • Eduardo Valente, Marcos Bertoni, Paulo Rigazzi
  • G: Michael Wahrmann
  • F: Rodrigo Pastoriza
  • E: Ricardo Alves Jr., Fellipe Barbosa
  • DA: Ana Paula Cardoso
  • S: Daniel Turini, Fernando Henna
  • P: Sara Silveira
  • PE: Maria Ionescu, Renata Moura
  • CP: Dezenove Films
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The first thing you have to say about the discreet but genius Avanti popolo –one of the most intelligent political films in recent Latin American cinema– is precisely that its first political decision lies on the form and not the theme. That’s its power and sensitivity, and also its rhetorical efficiency and both emotional and persuasive power. The theme is well known: a Brazilian desaparecido; the absence-presence of that “ghost” in the life of his father; the youngest son’s desperate attempt to help his father regain his breath and desire. The outcome –which is later placed in a dialectic equation with a socialist hymn and some essential archive footage–, is nothing other than a clairvoyant resolution: History’s effects on people’s intimacy endure like invincible calluses in our subjectivity, a limbo where the suffering remains silenced. And cinema does fulfill a specific role here. The fact that the father is played by the recently deceased great filmmaker Carlos Reichenbach, and that film historian André Gatti plays his son, redouble both the film’s bet and its possible interpretations. RK


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