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Historias extraordinarias

Film Information

Exhibition Title Historias extraordinarias
English Title Extraordinary Stories
Director Mariano Llinás
Year 2008
Format Digibeta
Colour Color
Duration 245'
  • Walter Jakob, Agustín Mendilaharzu, Mariano Llinás
  • G: Mariano Llinás
  • F: Agustín Mendilaharzu
  • E: Alejo Moguillansky, Agustín Rolandelli
  • DA: Laura Caligiuri
  • S: Rodrigo Sánchez Mariño, Nicolás Torchinsky
  • M: Gabriel Chwojnik
  • P: Laura Citarella
  • CP: El Pampero Cine
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To create a life for yourself, with an identity that replaces another, also invented one. To run across an open field, dizzy with toxic gasses, leaving behind a warehouse that sets on fire with a lion inside. To hide in a cheap province hotel and draft –Isidro Parodi-style– the absurd resolutions of an impossible police case living a vicarious life made of eye-contact. To sail a river, desperately looking for the monoliths of an old mammoth project, only to stumble against an old story-teller. That is Extraordinary Stories, and it’s also a lot more. Argentine cinema had never dared before to have so many freedoms, narrative ambition (without a big budget; actually its budget and production value is an involuntary humiliation for the rest of local cinema), and it certainly hadn’t sorted the project with such talent. This audiovisual, river-like novel (remember: 245 minutes in which you don’t feel time passing by) opens, ramifies, and gets lost –but it never stops narrating. It is well known: Scheherezade was born in the Pampa.



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