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Film Info

Film Information

Exhibition Title M
Director Nicolás Prividera
Year 2007
Format 35 mm
Colour Color
Duration 150'
  • G: Nicolás Prividera
  • F: Carla Stella
  • E: Malu Herdt
  • S: Ruben Piputto
  • P: Pablo Ratto, Nicolás Prividera
  • PE: Pablo Ratto, Vanessa Ragone
  • CP: Trivial Media
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One of the sharpest insights on our past, M continues to create controversy for questioning activism up to a breaking point. Guided by the intense desire of ending with uncertainty, Nicolás Prividera goes into the memory labyrinths of those who shared time with his mother Marta Sierra. A film about disappeared bodies, M is the record of a search in which the director puts his body on stake in order to try and recover that other one which is absent and provide it with some entity. His document plays with cinephilia and crossed-references quoting other films and using images of her mother –already a cliché among the children of the desaparecidos, and an attempt to restore humanity through their evocative power–, a resource Prividera intelligently re-elaborates. M tries to understand a behavior, to give some meaning to the past, and confronts against uncertain activism, social guilt, concealment, and silent cooperation. The investigator falls into an abyss of time and space and builds a major film, essential to review our recent history while reinterpreting it today.


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