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Los salvajes

Film Information

Exhibition Title Los salvajes
English Title The Wild Ones
Director Alejandro Fadel
Year 2012
Format DCP
Colour Color
Duration 130'
  • Leonel Arancibia, Roberto Cowal, Sofía Brito, Martín Cotari, César Roldan
  • G: Alejandro Fadel
  • F: Julián Apezteguía
  • E: Andrés P. Estrada, Delfina Castagnino
  • DA: Laura Caligiuri
  • S: Santiago Fumagalli
  • M: Sergio Chotsourian, Santiago Chotsourian
  • P: Alejandro Fadel, Agustina Llambi Campbell
  • PE: Agustina Llambi Campbell
  • CP: La Unión de los Ríos, Hubert Bals Fund
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It has been said and written many times that The Wild Ones is an ambitious film. And it is, because in its complexity we can hint –and celebrate– a will to include cinema as a whole, and to devour it. This which in a few words sounds so vague, becomes something deliberate if you do the exercise of choosing any random shot out of the film’s 130 minutes. Alejandro Fadel starts with a western’s iconography and later uses throughout his journey a series of elements that run through different genres, tones, forms, and references. And the film’s success lies in the fact that it dismisses so much information, turns adventure into a contemplative experience, develops and embodies so many characters –stating on the way the relation between man and nature–, and even plays with realism only to dare breaking it in the slippery terrain of mysticism without the film losing any cohesion because of that. This huge, brave, and impressive bet makes Fadel’s first film something different from any other film produced in Argentine cinema.



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