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The Cat That Lived a Million Times

Film Information

Exhibition Title The Cat That Lived a Million Times
Original Title 100 mankai ikita neko
Director Kotani Tadasuke
Year 2012
Format HD
Colour Color
Duration 91'
  • Makiko Watanabe
  • F: Kotani Tadasuke
  • E: Kiyoshi Tsuji,
  • Kazuo Osawa
  • S: Takeshi Ogawa
  • M: Cornelius
  • P: Kazuo Osawa
  • CP: nondelaico
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“The Cat That Lived a Million Times” is an illustrated story that became almost immediately a reference work in the history of Japanese children’s literature at the time of its publication in the 1970s. Like many other Japanese children in the last three decades, director Tadasuke Kotani learned from his mother voice about this text, which orbits around concepts like death, love, loneliness, and reincarnation. That’s why is neither fortuitous nor capricious that this documentary would be built on the basis of interpretations different mothers have of the book (while reflecting on the misfortunes of their own childhoods), together with a long and moving interview with Yoko Sano, the famous author who died of cancer during the shoot. Impregnated with a lyricism and melancholy that are hard to avoid, the documentary The Cat That Lived a Million Times is a trip that leads us from memories to life, from life to death, and from death, unyieldingly, to oblivion. FG


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