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9 vacunas

Film Information

Exhibition Title 9 vacunas
English Title 9 Vaccines
Director Iair Said
Year 2012
Format DM
Colour Color
Duration 16'
  • Iair Said, Denise Groesman, Agostina López, Maitina De Marco, Katia Szechtman
  • G: Iair Said
  • F: Bibi Monteghirfo
  • E: Pablo Levy, Melina Guetmonovich, Jonathan Barg
  • DA: Natalí Sussman
  • S: Anda Sonido, Pedro Jacomet
  • M: Los Locos del Amor
  • P: Natalí Sussman, Iair Said
  • PE: Natalí Sussman
  • CP: Cinemágica
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Summer in Buenos Aires. Diego gets bitten by a dog. Melina, by a cat. Rabies demands nine vaccines. The deserted hallways of a public hospital witness an encounter that everyday turns each needle shot into an expectation. Diego has time and all he wants is to not be afraid anymore.


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