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Death Metal Angola

Film Information

Exhibition Title Death Metal Angola
Director Jeremy Xido
Year 2012
Format HD
Colour Color
Duration 83'
  • Sonia Ferreira, Wilker Flores
  • E: Todd Holmes
  • S: Timothy Bright
  • M: Christian Frederickson
  • P: Joseph Castelo, Jeremy Xido
  • PE: David Gallagher
  • CP: Coalition Films, Cabula6
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Films about trains are always magnetic, but films about death metal and orphanages are destined to be unique. So, we have to celebrate the change of course director Jeremy Xido took, leaving aside a project about transport and embracing the cause of Wilker Flores and Sonia Ferreira. He’s a death metal musician; she is the head of an orphanage in Huambo, Angola’s second most populated city. Their life stories cross due of love which, in any case, means exactly the same as saying they do so professionally: they’re a couple, but also –as the movie shows– they were the organizers of the “first rock festival in the history of Angola”, made to raising funds for the orphanage and draw attention on their work. This story fits comfortably inside another, larger one, in which the people of Angola are all orphans and lack any notion of nation, which is yet to exist after forty years of fights for independence and civil war. A factory of rumble, where death metal echoes with extraordinary depth and emotion. MP


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