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Dreileben - Don’t Follow Me Around

Film Information

Exhibition Title Dreileben - Don’t Follow Me Around
Original Title Dreileben - Komm mir nicht nach
Director Dominik Graf
Year 2011
Format DM
Colour Color
Duration 88'
  • Bettina Reitz, Jeanette Hain, Susanne Wolff,
  • Misel Maticevic, Lisa Kreuzer
  • G: Markus Busch, Dominik Graf
  • F: Michael Wiesweg
  • E: Claudia Wolscht
  • S: Gunnar Voigt
  • M: Sven Rossenbach, Florian van Volxem
  • P: Andreas Bareiss, Gloria Burkert, Sven Burgemeister
  • PE: René Löw
  • CP: TV60 Filmproduktion
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Graf follows fugitive Molesch in order to focus on Johana, the police woman investigating the case. The investigation is joined by a discovery of dark maneuvers in the police core, and the fortuitous encounter with an old friend.

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