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Film Info
Mañana todas las cosas

Film Information

Exhibition Title Mañana todas las cosas
English Title Tomorrow All the Things
Director Sebastián Schjaer
Year 2013
Format DM
Colour Color
Duration 17'
  • Carla Crespo, William Prociuk, Lalo Rotavería, León Prociuk
  • G: Sebastián Schjaer
  • F: Inés Duacastella
  • E: Sebastián Schjaer, José María Avilés
  • DA: Sol Navedo, Mauro Movia
  • S: Manuel Schjaer, José María Avilés
  • M: Ignacio Infantino Almeida
  • PE: Mauro Movia
  • CP: Universidad del Cine
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Julia and Diego spend a weekend taking care of his nephew in a house away from the city. Everything is normal until Julia’s visit to the hospital modifies the entire course of their stay as well as their relationship.


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