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Film Info
La mujer perseguida

Film Information

Exhibition Title La mujer perseguida
English Title A Chased Woman
Director Jerónimo Quevedo
Year 2013
Format DM
Colour Color
Duration 16'
  • Denise Groesman, Julián Larquier, Agustina Pulfer, Mauro Duek, Mario De Diago
  • G, E: Jerónimo Quevedo
  • F: Joaquín Neira
  • DA: Celestial Brizuela, Victoria Marotta, Camila Nebbia
  • S: Eric Baremboim, Milton Rodríguez
  • P: Gastón Yvorra, Alexan Sarikamichian, Mariano Blanco
  • PE: Mariano Blanco
  • CP: Campichuelo Cine
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Love letters, ridiculous love letters, old letters from ridiculous lovers, and a pursuable girl. Then, there’s running in the swimming lessons, in college academies, in the empty lots of suburban Buenos Aires. Dedications, interviews, empty avenues, sketches, and militants. And in the end, two kids in the street, afar, screaming, and kissing.

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