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El rey de España

Film Information

Exhibition Title El rey de España
English Title The King of Spain
Director Martín Mainoli
Year 2013
Format DM
Colour B&W
Duration 10'
  • Arantxa Oliver, María Margarita Pérez, Daniel Elias, José Luis Saporiti
  • G, F, E, S, P, PE: Martín Mainoli
  • DA: Daniel Elias, Martín Mainoli
  • CP: Kirkincho, TVE
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There’s something exciting about watching a pure confirmation of the medium’s grammar, only because it appeals to the senses. This is the principle of cinema. The only thing we can do from time to time is being modest enough to honor this power once again. If you do so in mathematics, it has no meaning. You can’t do it in literature either because the sentence cannot be separated from grammar. But in cinema you can.


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