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Film Info
Il Gemello

Film Information

Exhibition Title Il Gemello
English Title The Triplet
Director Vincenzo Marra
Year 2012
Format Digibeta
Colour Color
Duration 88'
  • Raffaele Costagliola, Domenico Manzi
  • G: Vincenzo Marra
  • F: Francesca Amitrano
  • E: Luca Benedetti
  • S: Daniele Maraniello
  • P: Gianluca Arcopinto, Marco Ledda, Vincenzo Marra, Angelo Russo Russelli
  • CP: Axelotil, Settembrini Film
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A winner in Bafici with Sailing Home (2002), Vincenzo Marra challenges again the borders between fiction and documentary by introducing his camera behind the walls of the Secondigliano penitentiary, in his native Naples. That’s where mobster Raffaele, aka “Il Gemello”, has been serving a sentence and earning the respect of other inmates since he was a teenager, and developing an almost familiar relationship with Niko, the head of the prison guards. Applying his usual sobriety, Marra dynamites the topics of prison films and bores through the skin of his people/characters until he extracts –fiercely and with no melodramatic filters– their most intimate worries and hopes. Moving epiphanies pour out through a work method that feels both warm and steeled, where distance is applied in an intuitive manner, constantly guarding the dignity of those people who, in the humanist line of Roberto Rossellini, are kept always in the same ethic and aesthetic level by the images. ADC


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