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Film Info
Gerhard Richter - Painting

Film Information

Exhibition Title Gerhard Richter - Painting
Director Corinna Belz
Year 2011
Format 35 mm
Colour Color
Duration 97'
  • Gerhard Richter, Norbert Arns, Hubert Becker, Sabine Moritz-Richter, Konstanze Ell
  • G: Corinna Belz
  • F: Johann Feindt,
  • Frank Kranstedt, Dieter Stürmer
  • E: Sabine Rollberg, Jutta Krug, Katja Wildermuth
  • S: Gerrit Lucas, Sven Phil Lentzen
  • P: Thomas Kufus
  • CP: zero one film
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Countless documentaries have feebly attempted to probe and illuminate the creative process, and even Dresden-born visual artist Gerhard Richter –an 80-year-old master of many brush styles and ideas, from photorealistic portraiture to abstract expressionism– believes his work can’t be described with words. “Painting is another form of thinking,” the soft-spoken but no-bullshit iconoclast tells director Corinna Belz, whose magnificent and evocative observances of him laboring in his studio come as close as cinema gets to tracking the impulses and paradoxes of a gifted imagination. Alone with his enormous canvases, Richter studies his own vibrant-hued strokes and patterns, disappoints himself in the moment, then destroys and creates anew with a giant squeegee pulled across the would-be work of art, aided by Belz’s deeply satisfying attention to the tactile sounds of paint slapped on or scraped away. Gerhard Richter - Painting artfully and convincingly immerses us into the world of one of the greatest, painting. AH


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