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Film Info
La parte del león

Film Information

Exhibition Title La parte del león
English Title The Lion’s Share
Director Adolfo Aristarain
Year 1978
Format 35 mm
Colour Color
Duration 85'
  • Julio de Grazia, Ulises Dumont, Arturo Maly, Julio Chaves, Luisina Brando
  • G: Adolfo Aristarain
  • F: Horacio Maira
  • E: Miguel Pérez
  • DA: Kathy Saavedra
  • S: Jorge Stavropulos
  • M: Aníbal Guart, Jorge Navarro
  • P: Jorge Cuomo
  • PE: Héctor Noli
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(…) The story shows, in parallel, the planning and execution of a robbery and the everyday life of a gloomy working man who has just divorced his wife. Cornered by the police, the thieves hide the loot in the water tank of the hotel where the man lives. He takes away the money (an incredible amount even considering our inflation), but the serial numbers in the bills are made public. So, for this character, the only option is to get in touch with “people who know about these things” in order to trade the bills for a smaller amount of money. The robbers, in the meantime, have managed to identify him, and start to chase him. (…) All the action has been mathematically calculated by Aristarain, who brings the story up to an atmosphere of distressing suspense unseen before in Argentine cinema, using for it some remarkable editing, a work with rules the author knows by heart. (…) It’s not exaggerated to state that from this moment on, the history of Argentine cinema will be divided into before and after The Lion’s Share, a film that, together with Hugo Santiago’s Invasión and the work of Leonardo Favio, is among the most solid works of our cinema. AF (“Outstanding local film” in Convicción, 10/5/1978)

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