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Film Info
Le Monde est comme ça

Film Information

Exhibition Title Le Monde est comme ça
English Title The World Is Like That
Director Fernand Melgar
Year 2013
Format DM
Colour Color
Duration 60'
  • F: Fernand Melgar
  • E: Janine Waeber
  • S: Elise Shubs, Jérôme Cuendet
  • P: Elise Shubs
  • CP: Climage
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In Vol Spécial (screened in last year’s retrospective to the documentary oeuvre of Fernand Melgar), the Swiss filmmaker shed some light on the thousands of men and women in Switzerland that are imprisoned without trial or sentence every year. Simply because they stay in the country illegally, they were deprived of liberty for up to eighteen months before being deported. Le Monde est comme ça recounts the fates of five of the protagonists of that film following their expulsion from Switzerland. Having been wrenched away from the country in which they had lived and from their children because they had no papers, they are found again in Senegal or Kosovo, in Gambia or Cameroun, destitute and cut off from their families, sometimes even having been tortured upon arrival. This film broaches the private lives of these broken men and testifies to the brutality of a migration policy that is common in Switzerland and in Europe.

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