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Charlas de Taj Mahal

Film Information

Exhibition Title Charlas de Taj Mahal
English Title Chats in Taj Mahal
Director Grupo Hacia Asia
Year 2013
Format DM
Colour Color
Duration 1'
  • Federico Pozzi, Pablo Verbeke, Iván Stoessel
  • G, DA: Grupo Hacia Asia
  • F: Martina Matzkin / E, S, P, PE: Federico Pozzi
  • M: Punjabi DJ Mix “Tera Roop”
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The Taj Mahal is a tomb. But it isn’t. No one cries in front of it. Its tragic essence is hidden under ground. On the outside everything is symmetrical, perfect, and intense.

We sit in front of it and try to penetrate its truth. But our eyes get lost, our mind gets distracted, and soon we forget it, although it stands there, impressive. The chats in the Taj come up to discover what the building hides, and their banality turns them into a monument to living things.


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