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Film Info
El último asado

Film Information

Exhibition Title El último asado
English Title The Last Barbecue
Director Julen Laburu
Year 2013
Format DM
Colour Color
Duration 14'
  • Javier Ulises Maestro, Mucio Manchini, Iñaki Laburu, Pablo Giambroni, Eduardo Rossiter
  • G, PE: Julen Laburu
  • F: Vanessa Alami
  • E: Damián Tetelbaum, Francisco Kikuchi
  • DA: Gloria Barugel, Agustina Monjo
  • S: Mercedes Gaviria
  • M: Nicolás Echeverría
  • P: Nubia Campos, Julen Laburu
  • CP: Pantalla Rota, Universidad del Cine
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Nine old high-school friends have been getting together for dinner every month for over thirty years. The barbecue is always the same, but Javier, the one who does it, looks weird. He confesses that he’s moving to the US, and everyone is left speechless. Soon they will find out someone in the group revealed Javier’s talent to other people, and now he’s going to work in an Argentine restaurant in New York. Tensions, jealousy, and mixed feelings arise, but in reality everyone on the table is just very afraid.


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