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The Persian Crocodile

Film Information

Exhibition Title The Persian Crocodile
Original Title Das persische Krokodil
Director Houchang Allahyari
Year 2012
Format DM
Colour Color
Duration 58'
  • G: Tom-Dariush Allahyari
  • F: Moin Najari,
  • Alireza Esmat Panah, Maziyar Moshtagh Gohary
  • E: Daniel Kundi
  • M: Faszle Khaleg, Maste Tavakoli
  • CP: Allahyari Filmproduktion
  • CD: Maziyar Moshtagh Gohary
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Southern Iran. A crocodile got caught in a small concrete dam. And it won’t come out; it can’t and it won’t. But it has to come out. Two officers set out to do it, without too many gadgets or technological means. But, nonetheless, they try to take the crocodile out of there and return it to the river. The crocodile is big, fierce, and, let’s say, stubborn and grumpy. Surely if they would explain to him that if he lets itself get unstuck, he would be able to return to the river and eat fishes, birds and probably cows, he would come out happily. But hey, he’s a crocodile, and he resists the rescue attempts over and over again. He moves at a scary speed; the locals come and go, they get too close and sometimes move away prudently. This documentary follows those recurring attempts, and in doing so, it builds up an attractive story with enough patience to find lots of moments of extraordinary tenacity, both human and animal. And to offer a real, close, raw, sharp suspense, with a creature that is really as photogenic as it is obstinate. JPF

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