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Film Info

Film Information

Exhibition Title Rafaela
Director Raúl Beceyro
Year 2013
Format DM
Colour Color
Duration 106'
  • G: Raúl Beceyro
  • F: Marcelo Camorino, Diego Pratto
  • E: Raúl Beceyro, Diego Pratto
  • S: Iván Paciuk, Raúl Beceyro
  • M: Pedro Casís
  • P: Raúl Beceyro, Cecilia Beceyro, Pedro Deré
  • CP: Universidad Nacional del Litoral
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Anniversaries (especially if they include round numbers) are the right time to make balances and turning them, of course, into films. In 2011, Raúl Beceyro –the historical director of the UNL Film Workshop and systematic documenter of Santa Fe’s life– attended the 50th anniversary of his graduation from the Rafaela Commercial School. And as well as celebrating (as you can see in Rafaela’s very first chapter, with people interviewed against a far background of strobe-lights and hit songs), Beceyro also tried to compare his generation’s experiences with today’s youth reality, dreams, and problems. What was the crucial moment when school ends like half a century ago? And what is it like today? Is it the same? Similar? Different? That’s what Rafaela and its many life stories portray: a game that is fun to play, among other reasons, because of the presence of photographer Marcelo Camorino and musician Pedro Casís, two true legends of Santa Fe art. AM

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