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Film Info
Mujer lobo

Film Information

Exhibition Title Mujer lobo
English Title She Wolf
Director Tamae Garateguy
Year 2013
Format DCP
Colour B&W
Duration 92'
  • Mónica Lairana, Guadalupe Docampo, Luján Ariza, Edgardo Castro, Nicolás Goldschmidt
  • Tamae Garateguy
  • G: Diego A. Fleischer
  • F: Pigu Gómez
  • E: Catalina Rincón
  • DA: Marina Spinelli
  • S: Erico Schick
  • M: Sami Buccella
  • P: Jimena Monteoliva, Tamae Garateguy
  • PE: Jimena Monteoliva
  • CP: Crudo Films
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“This is an erotic police story featuring some edgy situations”, says the director. And not just that: it’s Argentinean! Or rather, it was made in Buenos Aires, Argentina, in the B subway line, where everyone gets further away from the sky, like the song said. She Wolf, by Tamae Garateguy, is a welcomed rarity within the scene of Argentine-independent-cinema (cross out the wrong entry), which hardly dares to push this kinds of boundaries where the flesh is out in the open. The she wolf of the title is a multi-faced serial killer (played by splendid actresses Mónica Lairana, Luján Ariza, and Guadalupe Docampo). She’s somehow doomed by that homicidal drive, in which she seduces men, takes them to bed first, then immediately to the grave, and later continues on her way. Until, of course, she bumps into a difficult problem. Sexy, stylized, violent and generous, She Wolf takes a series of stereotypes that (precisely) were managed by guys, and flips them around like a sock (or rather, a pair of stocking). This film is ruthless. And welcomed. MP


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