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Film Info
Lukas the Strange

Film Information

Exhibition Title Lukas the Strange
Original Title Lukas nino
Director John Torres
Year 2013
Format DM
Colour Color
Duration 82'
  • Cheeno Ladera Dalog, Edilberto Marcelino, Tao Aves
  • P, PE: John Torres
  • G: John Torres, Sherad Anthony Sanchez, Dodo Dayao
  • F: Albert Banzon, Gym Lumbera
  • E: John Torres
  • DA: Whammy Alcazaren, Timmy Harn
  • S: John Torres, Theo Lozada, Tengal Drilon
  • M: Jorem Lim
  • CP: Peliculas Los Otros
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A film shooting can trigger all sorts of situations that are out of the ordinary. In the case of young Lukas, not only the town where he lives is altered by the arrival of a film crew: he also receives the news that he might be the son of a being that is half man, half horse. And his father disappears, without giving him a chance to confirm or deny that rumor. As everything around him starts to get growingly strange, together with a friend Lukas will try to reveal the mystery that links him to the mythical tikbalang.

John Torres brings back to the expression “magical realism” all the positive connotations García Márquez took away from it years ago, and he does it with a story that mixes unheard voice overs, acting improvisations, natural disasters, and special effects. It’s the classical story of a teenager who has to deal with becoming an adult, told in a hardly classic way and with the unique talent of its director, in one of the finest examples of new Filipino cinema in recent years. LL

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