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Déjeuner chez Gertrude Stein

Film Information

Exhibition Title Déjeuner chez Gertrude Stein
English Title Lunch with Gertrude Stein
Director Isabelle Prim
Year 2013
Format DM
Colour Color + B&W
Duration 44'
  • Christophe, Camille Prim, Isabelle Saint-Saens, Olivier Cadiot
  • F, E: Isabelle Prim
  • S, M: Géry Petit
  • CP: Ecce Films, Prim
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Poet Gertrude Stein invites a fairy for lunch. The fairy goes. And lots of things happen, like the fairy being the 21st century and Gertrude Stein being Paris in the early 20th. Time bends, folds. Spaces too: the connections from and to the house –and also inside of it– aren’t normal. This is Isabelle Prim’s fantasy world, also in its narrative. The fairy doesn’t always dress like a fairy (how do fairies dress?), the characters’ voices aren’t what one could expect, and the gender of the character’s name and history doesn’t match the actor who plays it. Appearances can actually be accurate. Because what we see and hear is multiple, it doesn’t stay still. Neither does this film: diverse lights, scores, velocities, from literature to cinema (from Olivier Cadot’s short novel Fairy Queen) and from cinema to play. And play it is. Lunch with Gertrude Stein is a short and compact sample of how imagination can play with cinema and its elements. JPF

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