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Carmela, salvata dai filibustieri

Film Information

Exhibition Title Carmela, salvata dai filibustieri
English Title Carmela, Saved by the Buccaneers
Directors Giovanni Maderna
Mauro Santini
Year 2012
Format DCP
Colour Color
Duration 76'
  • Sussò Boccuni, Mimmo Boccuni, Carmela Lupoli, Francesco “Sansone” Montervino
  • G, F, E: Giovanni Maderna, Mauro Santini
  • S: Saverio Damiani
  • P: Giovanni Maderna
  • CP: Quarto Film
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Giovanni Maderna and Mauro Santini play with cinema, with life itself, with landscapes, history, and genres –and they play wonderfully. Carmela, salvata dai filibustieri is a remarkable film with unique grace and freedom, filled with echoes and findings, and both bold and kind. To talk about the “adaptation” of Emilio Salgari’s Jolanda, Daughter of the Black Corsair would be slightly inaccurate: what they actually adapt is the entire world around them, placing it at the service of a few echoes of the plot. To talk about a crossroads between fiction and documentary wouldn’t be enough either: it was already a cliché, but the way Maderna and Santini use that confluence is hugely risky and unprejudiced. The filmmakers’ camera –thus the idea of play– sees and imagines at the same time, converses with both the documenting of reality and the emptying of its possible meanings. Here, the one who escapes from all those buccaneers is cinema itself. MP


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