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Film Info
Una familia gay

Film Information

Exhibition Title Una familia gay
English Title A Gay Family
Director Maximiliano Pelosi
Year 2013
Format DM
Colour Color
Duration 75'
  • Maximiliano Pelosi, Luciano Linardi, Ricardo Moriello
  • G: Maximiliano Pelosi
  • F: Matías Carneiro
  • E: Damián Tetelbaum
  • DA: Min Ko, José Castagnino
  • S: Diego Acosta
  • M: Pablo Trilnik
  • P: Walter Tejblum
  • PE: Walter Tejblum
  • CP: WAP Productora
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“I’m 34 years old and the egalitarian marriage law passed,” says Pelosi at the beginning of his new documentary, and he presents himself right away: exactly half a lifetime ago, he came out to the world, and now it’s time for some new questions. Does he want to marry his boyfriend, now that he can? Doesn’t the institution of marriage reproduce the old flaws of a bourgeoisie society that has rejected homosexuals for so long? From an absolutely personal, intimate point of view, Pelosi begins his quest for diverse and sometimes opposed accounts –from friends and acquaintances, from figures of the LGBT community, and even from the Catholic school where he spent his teenage years– to provide himself with possible answers on the complex bond between feelings and legislation, love and law, facing the future. The result is an open meditation on the large effects of sentimental education –the one many generations received from the modern novel, Hollywood, and TV melodrama–, ritualistic and symbolic values, and the need for a guarantee on the rights and responsibilities that protect the family or, better yet, the families, in all their possible forms. MK

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