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War Matador

Film Information

Exhibition Title War Matador
Original Title Matador ha’mil’hama
Directors Avner Faingulernt
Macabit Abramson
Year 2011
Format HD
Colour Color
Duration 70'
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In January 2009, during the war in Gaza, two courageous Israeli directors grabbed their cameras to shoot material along the common border. The bombs are filmed from a distance, out of focus and at extreme focal length –the tourists’ point of view. The impact of the bombs in the distance is muffled, which is why the visual opposition between close up/long shot draws the attention to the spoken words, which are blunt, without compassion. The result of their journey is a disturbing essay about war and tourism, an absurd, surreal journey.

As if it were an “arena”, Gaza is depicted in this film as a Corrida with a Matador and a Bull, a cycle where the victimizer and the victim combined offer no answer or resolution except man’s addiction to the myth of power and his continual gravitation towards the darkest places of his soul. EP


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