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Winter, Go Away!

Film Information

Exhibition Title Winter, Go Away!
Original Title Zima, uhodi!
Director Directores Varios - Winter, Go Away!
Year 2012
Format DM
Colour Color
Duration 79'
  • F: E. Khoreva, D. Klebeev, D. Kubasov, A. Kurov, N. Leonteva, A. Moiseenko, M. Mustafina, S. Rodkevich, A. Seregin, A. Zhiryakov
  • E, S: Yuri Geddert
  • P, PE: Marina Razbezhkina
  • CP: Marina Razbezhkina Studios
More info:


Soon before the elections held in March 2012, which formally put Putin back in the presidency, a film school commissioned a dozen of its students to document what was happening on the streets with the candidates and the citizens. The result was a curious film. Non-Russian spectators won’t know most the characters: names like Limonov, Komarova, Nemtsov, Navalsky, Zyuganov, Udalstov, Prokhorov, Leontiev, Adats, and Krylov won’t ring any bells, and not only do we not know their party’s platforms, we can barely realize their political orientation. But it’s impossible not to recognize the power of the regime, its omnipresent police forces on the streets, its media, its huge resources, its militants brought in buses to the demonstrations, its arrogant and unpunished politicians. There’s huge turmoil on the streets, lots of anger against the abuse of power, corruption, and lying, but there’s also an atmosphere of grief against the unequal forces and the division of the opponents. Although electoral fraud was denounced, Putin got 63% of the votes. The Communist Party was the second, with 17%. The 21st century doesn’t look good. Q


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