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Film Info
Act of Faith

Film Information

Exhibition Title Act of Faith
Director Mitch Jenkins
Year 2012
Format DM
Colour Color
Duration 19'
  • Siobhan Hewlett
  • G: Alan Moore
  • F: Gary Shaw
  • E: Jamie Trevill
  • M: Andrew Broder
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The inter-dimensional prism that answers to the name –and bearded shape– of Alan Moore (a pop deity who illuminated the superhero comic book genre to the point of changing its DNA) takes out his Treebeard eyes out of the vignettes in order to inject himself into cinema. For now, his transition to film takes place in a series of non-linear short films grouped together in a multi-platform TV series called The Show. Both Jimmy’s End and Act of Faith show Moore (and his buddy Mitch Jenkins) as a strange and hyper-textured bi-headed noir creature: the nightmarish smoothness of late-night David Lynch as cut by Rob Zombie’s Seventies-style rage. But good old wise Moore infects that cocktail in a wonderful way, and turns it into a senseless double nightmare that yet features some Moore-branded, complete, and engaging quality and insanity. JMD

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