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Bloody Daughter

Film Information

Exhibition Title Bloody Daughter
Director Stéphanie Argerich
Year 2012
Format HD
Colour Color + B&W
Duration 95'
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“I’m the daughter of a goddess”, says Stéphanie Argerich at one point in Bloody Daughter. Is she kidding? No, she barely exaggerates: there isn’t a fan of classical music that wouldn’t place her mother Martha (born in Argentina, but a longtime citizen of the world, or rather of music) in the Mount Olympus that is reserved for the greatest pianists in the world. The youngest of the three daughters Argerich had with three different husbands, Stéphanie uses her privileged position (and the camera her mother bought for her in one of her thousand tours) of being her mother’s travel companion through Poland, Japan, Italy and a few other countries, to capture very rare moments of that life the pianist strived to keep private. Where else could you see Argerich in her pajamas, fresh out of bed, making small talk about breakfasts? Or strolling down the Botanic Garden in Palermo, and looking at old family photos? Of course, as it happens in any mother-daughter relationship, it isn’t all roses, and Bloody Daughter features one of the most genuinely sad moments in this edition of the Festival, which concerns Lyda, Argerich’s first daughter. AM

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