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Buenos días resistencia

Film Information

Exhibition Title Buenos días resistencia
English Title Good Morning Resistance
Director Adrián Orr
Year 2013
Format DM
Colour Color
Duration 22'
  • David Ransanz, Luna Ransanz, Mia Ransanz, Oro Ransanz
  • G, F: Adrián Orr
  • E: Ana Pfaff
  • S: Eduardo G. Castro
  • P: Hugo Herrera, Fernando Franco
  • CP: New Folder Studio, Ferdyduke
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If you’re a mother (or a father), if you have a son (or a daughter), you must be fully aware of that morning vertigo that concentrates in just two hours, right between the “come on, time to wake up”, and the goodbye at the school doors –an exercise in physical and mental endurance as intense as a decade of human life and two international conflicts. David faces that challenge every day, alone, and multiplied by three. Yes: one, two, and three: Luna, Mia, and Oro, so lovely and cool as they are impossible to deal with during those morning hours. FG


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