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Film Info
Joyful Girl

Film Information

Exhibition Title Joyful Girl
Director Chloe Domont
Year 2012
Format DM
Colour Color
Duration 8'
  • Troian Bellisario, Shane Coffey
  • G, E: Chloe Domont
  • F: Nico Navia
  • DA: Molly Marie
  • S: Arjun G. Sheth
  • M: Giuliano Pizzulo
  • P: Zoe Potkin, Chloe Domont
  • PE: Jere B. Ford
  • CP: I Am Pictures, Forworks Media
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The two members of a couple love each other, hate each other, yell at each other, fight, and have sex. They’re a boy and a girl who are in a romantic comedy loop. They look like they’re going to break up, but they don’t –over and over again. In eight intense and precise minutes directed and edited by Chloe Domont, speed takes over the situations in a romantic comedy that moves in a state of neurosis and notorious lack of passionate definition. Maybe, in the end, this girl and this boy actually love each other. Or at least they do until the next break-up. JPF


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