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Máquina de sueños

Film Information

Exhibition Title Máquina de sueños
English Title Dream Machine
Directors Andrés Di Tella
Darío Schvarzstein
Year 2013
Format DM
Colour Color
Duration 60'
  • Carlos Amorales, Pedro Reyes, Minerva Cuevas
  • G: Andrés Di Tella, Darío Schvarzstein
  • F: Darío Schvarsztein
  • E: Alejandra Almirón
  • M: Diego Vainer
  • P: Andrés Di Tella, Darío Schvarsztein
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In this documentary co-directed between Andrés Di Tella and Darío Schvarsztein, the filmmakers perform a sensible and precise examination of the motivations and creative processes of three contemporary Mexican artists who are renowned worldwide: Pedro Reyes, Carlos Amorales, and Minerva Cuevas.

Although each work responds to a totally different creative universe, they all seem to be marked by national, social-political concerns. The interesting thing is, precisely, to see which and how are the paths each one takes, enabling us to think of the different ways of representation and the devices each artist puts into motion when activating their “dream machine”.

The film starts and ends with an accordionist that questions us with a gaze. In the beginning, he seems to preannounce the problem of creative input as a subject and the film’s core. Near the end, that same image becomes a question about our position regarding the ethical, aesthetic, and political problems this film presents to us through the universes of these artists. VB


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