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A família do barulho

Film Information

Exhibition Title A família do barulho
English Title The Family of the Trouble
Director Júlio Bressane
Year 1970
Format DM
Colour B&W
Duration 75'
  • Grande Otelo, Guará Rodrigues, Helena Ignez, Kleber Santos, Maria Gladys
  • G: Júlio Bressane
  • F: Lauro Escorel Filho, Renato Laclete
  • E: Mair Tavares
  • DA: Guará Rodrigues
  • S: Onélio Motta, Aloisio Viana
  • M: Guilherme Vaz
  • P: Júlio Bressane, Rogério Sganzerla
  • CP: Belair Filmes
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Filmed in four days, A família do barulho was a result of the impact I had with A mulher de todos by Sganzerla. These are two very different forms, but when I watched that film I seemed to perceive the possibilities, the perspectives I, too, was searching for. The theme of family hypocrisy, hidden desire, all the Biblical aberrations, they all came later, intuitively. In A família do barulho I acknowledged a certain Brazilian modernist formality: the mixing of the elements, the icons of this humor which are present in the spirit of Oswald de Andrade.


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